Pisgah Health Foundation staff is more than happy to assist with any questions regarding the grants process. Please contact President Lex Green or Grant Operations Coordinator Cathy Wood for assistance. The information below is subject to change at the discretion of the Pisgah Health Foundation.


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Grantmaking: PHF Letter of Intent Workshop  08.06.19
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Grantmaking: PHF Grant Proposal Workshop  09.12.19
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Grant Schedule

FALL 2019

Grant proposals under review, February 2020.
Notification of grant approval or denial, March 2020.

Open Date: October 7, 2019
Close Date: November 7, 2019

Open Date: December 1, 2019
Close Date: December 31, 2019


  • July 25: Open date to receive Letters of Intent
  • August 23: Closing date for Letters of Intent
  • August 26 – September 6: Notify Approved LOI Applicants
  • September 9: Open date for applications for invited grantees
  • October 9: Closing date for applications
  • Mid-November: Begin notification to grant recipients of grant funds

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Letter of Intent

A Letter of Intent (LOI) is required as the first step to receiving grant funding from the Pisgah Health Foundation.

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Geographic Areas

Although we support the health and well-being of all communities in western North Carolina, our primary focus is in the following counties:

  • Buncombe – C4
  • Haywood – C4
  • Henderson – C3
  • Madison – C4
  • Transylvania – C3

(In the Fall 2019 grant cycle, special consideration will be given to programs and services provided in the WNC region C-4: Buncombe, Haywood and Madison Counties.)


Grantee warrants that the Grantee is (a) a tax-exempt organization that is organized and operated for charitable purposes and recognized by the IRS as tax-exempt public charities under Sections 501(c)(3) and 509(a)(1) or 509(a)(2) of the Internal Revenue Code, or is a governmental unit described in Section 170 of the Code, and b) that receipt of this grant will not adversely affect Grantee’s current status under the code. Public educational institutions without an IRS determination letter may also be eligible to receive grants.

The 2019 grant funding cycle will not include multi-year requests. Please limit your need(s) to a 1-yr project/request.  You are invited to apply again in 2020.

The Pisgah Health Foundation Does Not Fund:
Grants are not awarded to endowments or capital campaigns, political causes or candidates, advertising, debt retirement, individuals, or activities/projects completed before funding becomes available.
Grant funds may not be used to promote or engage in criminal acts of violence, terrorism, hate crimes, the destruction of any state, or discrimination based on race, national origin, religion, military and veteran status, disability, sex, age, gender identity or sexual orientation, or support of any entity that engages in these activities.

Strategic Funding Areas

Pisgah Health Foundation has devoted itself to addressing what are known as social determinants of health (SDOH). SDOH are factors in people’s lives that either make it easier, or more difficult, to be as healthy as possible.

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Application Process

The grant application must be complete before any discussions or decisions will take place. In addition to the grant application, please provide the following as attachments:

  • Last two years of federal tax returns (990 or other applicable forms);
  • Current Year’s Operating Budget;
  • Program Budget for this Project;
  • List of Funding Organizations (who funded your organization last fiscal year);
  • Verification of Tax-Exempt Status;
  • List of current Board of Directors; and
  • Current Bylaws of Organization.

Completed applications will be reviewed within 45 days of receipt of the application. If approved, a grant contract will be provided and signed by the Organization and returned to the office of the Pisgah Health Foundation.

Note: Only ONE person should be logged in at any given time when working on the grant application. Otherwise, you will likely experience lost information.

Selection and Awarding Process

An invitation to submit a full proposal does not guarantee that the request will be fulfilled. There is no implied or explicit representation that there will be any funding.

All proposals are reviewed by Foundation staff to confirm a completed application is ready for review.  When necessary, staff may contact applicants with questions and may request more information.  Completed applications will be presented to the Grant Review Committee.

Proposals are assessed based on:

  • Alignment with the Foundation’s funding goals and objectives;
  • Organization’s capacity to carry out the expected activities;
  • The sustainability plan for the program/project beyond immediate funding;
  • How effectively the proposed project/activity can address an expressed health and well-being need in the community;
  • The likelihood of achieving measureable, positive impact; and
  • Description regarding how the organization will measure their success in achieving their goals.

Once a decision is made by the PHF Grant Review Committee, and approved by the PHF Board of Directors, all applicants will be notified by phone and/or by email. All funding decisions are final.

Funding Process

When a grant application is approved, disbursement of funds will be made based on a milestones schedule discussed and agreed upon with the Organization receiving the funds and the Foundation. The performance milestones will serve as a guide and timetable toward the successful completion of the approved grant.

Expenditures made by the Organization from this grant must be used only within the terms and conditions agreed upon. Any funds not used or committed for the specified purpose of the grant or not used or committed within any time limit specified in the request for the grant must be returned to the Foundation.

Required Agreements and Reports, During Grant Cycle

The organizations selected to receive a grant from the Pisgah Health Foundation must agree to complete the following, on the most recent grant:

Grant Acceptance Contract

Performance Milestones – A milestones checklist is a tool used by PHF to show how progress is being made toward the goals set by the Organization and discussed with the Foundation. Funds will be provided based on the movement of the milestones.

Progress Report – Outcome-based reports are required from the grantee, based on a schedule agreed upon by the grantee and PHF staff. The reports are meant to be simple and should include amount of the grant spent and how it was spent, the numbers served, the number of hours spent by staff, and other simple figures to give a snapshot of how your program is progressing. Photos are appreciated as well. An optional report template will be provided.

Final Impact ReportThe Final Impact Report, required from the grantee, provides a record of grantee successes, challenges, and monies spent. The Final Impact Report template will be provided to the grant recipient toward the end of the funding cycle.

Please direct grant questions to Grant Operations Coordinator, Cathy Wood, 828.435.3775,