Brevard, NC (February 19, 2019) – A vital new regional healthcare foundation was founded in December, 2018 as a result of the acquisition in January, 2019 of Mission Health by HCA Healthcare: the Pisgah Health Foundation. This foundation, along with five other independent regional Entity Legacy Foundations, will devote themselves to addressing what are known as the social determinants of health (SDOH), and work in concert with the newly formed Dogwood Health Trust, Mission Health’s successor foundation. These foundations’ resources will be allocated entirely to the communities they serve and will not support the Mission Health system.

SDOH are factors in people’s lives that either make it easier or more difficult to be as healthy as possible, and include such diverse features as safe homes and workplaces, access to healthy food, reliable transportation, sustainable and well-paying employment, high quality educational opportunities, and very importantly, access to excellent healthcare.

The Pisgah Health Foundation’s work, funded initially by a $5M investment from the Mission Health-HCH transaction proceeds, will be dedicated to alleviating the SDOH specifically affecting the communities that Transylvania Regional Hospital serves. Future funding will be determined by the progress the foundation makes through a diverse array of initiatives that are in development now.

The Pisgah Foundation will raise general funds to support projects that strengthen community healthcare, as well as grant money to benefit a wide range of organizations and non-profits whose work centers on enhancing community health and wellness. The hallmark of the Pisgah Health Foundation and the new community support model it is beginning to design is partnership. The relationships that the Pisgah Health Foundation builds with area organizations will fuel positive change and healthcare sustainability for area residents by closing existing healthcare gaps and preemptively addressing risks that could lead to new gaps.

Lex Green, CPA and President of the Pisgah Health Foundation emphasizes that all six of the Legacy Foundations will have profound and unprecedented effects on the health and wellness of Transylvania County’s community members, and throughout the region. “The Pisgah Health Foundation represents the first fruits of Mission Health System’s new era under the HCA umbrella, the implications of which are excitingly broad. The power of partnership will benefit us greatly as we look to Dogwood Health Trust to lead us hopefully – and prudently – into the future,” he shares. Green goes on to note that the Pisgah Health Foundation will work vigorously to develop plentiful resources to assist regional non-profits, adding that “I’m most excited to announce our organization’s entry into the grant making, grant seeking, and community building arenas.”

Pisgah Health Foundation Board Chair Cathleen Blanchard echoes Green’s enthusiasm, and says that the community can expect transparency, responsiveness, and accountability from the foundation from Day One. “We are honored to have this unique opportunity to make our community healthier through the building of solid relationships with organizations that have the same priority as we do, to eradicate barriers to care. We’ll work together to find creative solutions to community health challenges and to secure funding that will effectively close healthcare gaps.”

The birth of the Pisgah Healthcare Foundation is the realization of a long-held dream for community members and healthcare providers alike. The gifts of robust funding, deep knowledge of the community’s needs, and a rare freedom to form alliances to improve health within the community will result in more advanced, better coordinated, and highly customized care for every community member – now and in the future.

For more information on the Pisgah Health Foundation and the many ways it will promote community health, go to or contact Lex Green, CPA, President of PHF at